5 podcast episodes that will teach you about longevity, healthy aging


It seems like just about everyone wants to know how to live longer, healthier lives these days, especially as more 100-year-olds speak out about how happy and fulfilled they are.

If you’re seeking the elixir for a lengthy lifespan, here are five podcast episodes that dive into longevity myths and facts, and deliver advice from top experts on living longer — nearly all of them in 60 minutes or less.

1. ‘The Secret to a Long Life’ on Radiolab

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Sindhu Gnanasambandan, a producer for Radiolab, wanted to “confront [her] own mortality,” she says in this episode of the popular podcast, so she began tracking each week of her life to see how she feels as a result of being more aware of her aging, and plans to track every week for the rest of her life. “It’s made me like desperately want to know is there something I can do to slow this down?” she asks. “How do I live the longest feeling life possible?”

In search of those answers, Gnanasambandan spoke to who she calls “time-perception researchers,” including Marc Wittmann from the Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health in Germany, and David Eagleman who is a neuroscientist and writer. The episode takes you through the surprising insights that Gnanasambandan gained from the experts about if she can actually make her life feel longer even as days seem to pass her by.

2. ‘Longevity Hacks: 3 Secrets to a Longer, Healthier Life’ on The School of Greatness

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In one of Lewis Howes’ recent podcast episodes, he dives into longevity hacks with experts like Dr. David Sinclair, a Harvard scientist and longevity expert, and Dr. Casey Means, a physician who founded a company for metabolic health. The episode aims to explore how lifestyle choices can impact how long a person lives.

If you’re wondering how diet factors into boosting your immune system or how what you eat affects you in general, then this is an episode that will be of great interest to you. Howes also asks about the effects of alcohol, smoking cigarettes and using marijuana on lifespan.

3. ‘Unlock longevity: Dr. Peter Attia’s essential strategies’ on ZOE Science & Nutrition

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Hosted by Jonathan Wolf, this episode explores what Dr. Peter Attia, a physician who researches longevity, is doing to make the most of his life and extend his healthy years. Throughout their conversation, Wolf and Attia dissect the question: “How can you maintain your health as you age?”

The episode explains the difference between healthspan and lifespan, how blood sugar factors into longevity and even delves into exercises you can do to increase your chances of living longer.

4. ‘How to Improve Your Healthspan Using DNA Insights with Dr. Bartek Nogal’ on Longevity by Design

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Longevity by Design aims to speak directly to people hoping to live longer, healthier lives. In a recent episode of the podcast, Gil Blander, recurring host with expertise on longevity, interviews Bartek Nogal, a scientist who researches genetics, about the links between genes and aging.

“Knowing your genetic predispositions to certain traits can help you fine tune your wellness plan, and Dr. Nogal and Dr. Blander explain how to do so in this episode,” a description of the episode explains.

5. ‘The Small Molecules of Longevity’ on Human Longevity Podcast

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Ever wondered how supplements tie into the longevity conversation? Well, that’s what Melissa Petersen, director and founder of the Human Longevity Institute, discusses in one of the recent episodes of the Human Longevity Podcast.

Peterson spoke to Tom Weldon, CEO of an anti-aging company, about the significance of molecules for reversing aging and asks a major question: “What supplements really work” for longevity?

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