From AI To Fitness Rings, THESE 5 Tech Trends Will Shape 2024

From AI To Fitness Rings, THESE 5 Tech Trends Will Shape 2024

From AI To Fitness Rings, THESE 5 Tech Trends Will Shape 2024

In 2024, technology is set to soar with five impactful trends shaping the landscape. Building on the momentum of 2023, dominated by artificial intelligence and chatbots, this year promises a continued AI revolution. Major tech giants, armed with advanced AI tools, are gearing up for a transformative year.

The upcoming 12 months are anticipated to witness the unleashing of these innovations. Brace yourself for a quick overview of the exciting tech trends that will define 2024, where AI’s influence is expected to persist and evolve as a prominent force in the tech industry.

Smart Glasses: A Closer Look at 2024’s Tech Upgrade

Smart glasses are getting a major facelift in 2024. Brands like Amazon Echo Frames and Meta’s partnership with RayBan are making waves. The Ray-Bans, armed with a 12MP camera, offer more than just style—they let you snap pictures, record videos, make calls, and groove to your favourite tunes, all without taking them off.

Fitness Rings: The Next Step in Wearable Tech

Say hello to fitness rings, the newest evolution in wearable tech. Noise and Boat are leading the pack, offering rings that track every step and jump without the need for a wristband. These nifty devices are poised to become a common sight in 2024, making health tracking more accessible and stylish.

The End of Passwords: Embracing Passkeys in 2024

Breathe a sigh of relief as 2024 bids farewell to the hassle of passwords. Google and Apple are introducing passkeys, a secure alternative. It’s high time for a change, considering the headache of juggling special characters, symbols, and various letters for every new app. Prepare for a simpler and more secure way to access your accounts.

Head (Set), Go: A Glimpse into Advanced Headsets

In early 2024, Apple’s Vision Pro headset is hitting the scene, promising a revolution in computing. Though priced at $3,499 and initially available only in the US, its impact is expected to be felt worldwide. Brace yourself for a surge in affordable alternatives and an overhaul of Meta’s Quest headset, making advanced headsets more mainstream.

AI Everywhere: Unveiling 2024’s AI Revolution

AI is no longer confined to sci-fi tales—it’s becoming an integral part of our lives. In 2024, AI is infiltrating every aspect, with innovations like text-to-video taking centre stage. Keep an eye on advanced chatbots like ChatGPT, Bard, Grok, and Elon Musk’s AI tool, as they make significant strides in enhancing our digital interactions throughout the year.


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