Meet Physical and Health Education Graduate Emma Nielsen



May 20, 2024

Emma Nielsen loves basketball and being active. That was part of the reason she chose VCSU. Nielsen wanted to pursue a degree in physical and health education. She added a minor in Adapted Physical Education and is ready to help students of her own build healthy lifestyles.

Name: Emma Nielsen
Hometown: Barnesville, Minnesota
Major/Minor: Physical and Health Education with a minor in Adapted Physical Education
Graduation Date: May 2024
Favorite sport to play: Basketball
Favorite sport to watch: Basketball
Favorite game to play with kids for physical education: Eclipse Ball and Thunderstick Challenge!

What brought you to VCSU?
When I went on my visit to VCSU, it truly felt like home! I enjoyed having small class sizes and getting to know my fellow classmates and professors!

What did you enjoy about your time on campus?
I enjoyed many things about my time on campus such as playing on the VCSU women’s basketball team with my best friends, being part of organizations, and attending campus events!

Why did you choose Health Education and PE?
I chose PE and Health Education because I enjoy being active and participating in sports! I also enjoy helping others improve their health and well-being so ultimately, I knew PE and Health Education was the right career path for me because I’m passionate about promoting health, fitness, and overall well-being!

Did the classes you took at VCSU help prepare you for your career?
Many of my classes I took at VCSU helped me be prepared for my career based on being placed in schools for observations, teaching to my peers with feedback, and building those relationships with current educators in the field that you can reach out and share ideas with!

What would you like to do after graduation?
I would love to be a middle school Health and/or PE teacher with an opportunity to hopefully coach!

Do you have any advice for incoming students in Health Education or Physical Education?
My advice for incoming students in Health Education or Physical Education is to build those relationships with your fellow classmates, professors, and current educators in the field to have that relationship to ask questions, bounce off ideas, and to have that support system!

What was your favorite class and why?
My favorite class at VCSU was HPER 314: Activities for the Physical Educator because I got to play and teach a variety of activities and it was interesting to learn about different activities I’ve never heard of! However, I truly enjoyed all my classes at VCSU because of my awesome professors I got to learn from and my classmates I got to meet!


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