Prism Light Pod: red-light therapy products, “touchless wellness” services.


PAD / Prism Light Pod


Prism Light Pod launched its first
whole-body red light bed in 2016. We
expanded with the Prism Light Pads in
2022. Our red-light therapy solutions
have been awarded the Lux-Life Global
Excellence Award four years running.

Main products and services
Prism Light Pod red-light therapy
products allow spas to expand with
“touchless wellness” services.

The Prism Light Pod provides a simplified
15-minute wellness treatment with six
optimised settings for enhancing rejuvenation
and recovery, weight loss, anti-ageing, reducing
chronic pain and inflammation. It consumes
four times less electricity than other red light
beds in the industry. The bed can be placed
in any private room of 7.5 square metres
and used for pre or post spa treatments.

Prism Light Pad is a full-body pad that’s
durable and portable, with a simple
one-button operation that automatically
times out after a 30-minute session and
may be combined with facials, massages
or located within relaxation rooms.

Prism Light Pod has a longstanding reputation in the industry for providing the highest quality products that translate into a seamless luxury experience.

As a
company we focus on client efficacy and
science-based results. We participate
in clinical studies and are part of the
Global Wellness Institute and advisory
board member of the Touchless Wellness

We design our products
with environmental sustainability with
zero EMF and recyclable parts.

Where in the world?
Prism Light Pod’s Global headquarters is in Denver Colorado, USA. Our European headquarter is in Costa Del Sol, Spain, and we sell and service our products worldwide.

What the clients say

The Prism Red Light Pad is a game changer for the spa industry!

Having a portable red-light therapy option has given our spa the ability to add wellness to any service. Guests can enjoy a 30-minute session as an add on to their massage, facial, or body treatment. We’ve even encouraged our guests to enhance their overall spa experience with a red-light therapy pad while using our zero-gravity lounge chairs.
Our team at Serenity, specifically the massage therapists, continue to rave about how great their hands feel after a red-light pad has been used during a treatment.”

– Shanelle Lucas, director of spa operations, Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa

“The Carillon Miami Wellness Resort implemented the Prism Light Pod in 2020. It’s one of our most successful touchless modalities with little to no maintenance.

We also added the Prism Light Pads in 2023 as an add-on spa treatment and in-room red light therapy services to help enhance the guest spa experience.

Karl and his team provide the best customer services and collaborative marketing working with the Carillon spa team. We truly appreciate their partnership and focus on client efficacy”.

– Tammy Pahel, vice president of spa and wellness operations, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort


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