St. Petersburg community Hub: Free wellness services offered


The Hub is a resident-centered community support space offering services to people in St. Petersburg.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — South St. Petersburg residents have welcomed a new center for free services. The Hub aims to improve The Deuces neighborhood by offering numerous wellness services.

“We are physically changing the corridor and where we are through some of the modifications that we’ve had with our residents’ input,” said The Well CEO, LaDonna Butler.

Butler leads the resident-centered community support space. The Hub offers mental health counseling and wellness services to those who are in need.

The center officially opened in March 2023 with help from the city. St. Petersburg city officials used COVID-19 stimulus money from the American Rescue Plan Act to fund the center. The Hub is located in The Deuces neighborhood on 22nd Street South. This is the first of several locations that will open.

Butler explained the first Hub is purposely located in The Deuces neighborhood.

“The first Hub location was intentional. The specific place was also a place where harm, direct harm, had happened to one of our community families,” Butler said. Before the renovations, there was a bullet hole in the front window of the building.

“We have turned a place of blight into light,” Butler said.

The center is focused on the community. Butler explained that the center was constructed based on residents’ input. 

“Some of our residents have come to us because they want us to think about a safer place to sleep,” Butler said. 

For those in need, The Hub offers various services. People can receive direct counseling from trained professionals who can listen and provide guidance. The center also offers care management to help people manage different services. There is also an outreach team that connects people to community resources. Several community partners have made their services possible.

Their location is also surrounded by other community organizations like Evara Health and St. Pete Free Clinic. Those involved with The Hub believe that by connecting every corner, they can create change in their community

“Over 200 residents have already been touched by the service of The Well and we are not done yet,” Butler said.

The Hub’s next location is already in the works. Organizers have the ZIP Code where it will go but haven’t decided on the exact location. To decide where it will be placed, they are looking to the community for their input.

If you want to get involved or need services, you can contact The Hub online.


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